Get the Custom Parts You Need

Get the Custom Parts You Need

Ask us about our computer numeric control (CNC) milling services in Gladewater, Longview and Tyler, TX

You need a very specific part for your heavy-duty machinery, but you can't find it in a store. Turn to the highly skilled technicians at Mavtex Fabrication & Supply for assistance. We'll shape the new part from a block of raw substrate using a high-tech CNC milling machine.

A milling machine is a cutting tool mounted on a rotating spindle. Unlike manual machines, a CNC milling machine can automatically rotate on different planes. That way, you can create complex shapes without having to move the substrate by hand.

A computer program called computer numeric control tells our mill where to make the cuts. All you have to do is find the part you need on a 3D digital file - the mill will handle the rest!

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High-quality equipment makes a difference

Our automatic milling machine is superior to manual milling techniques. Here's why:

  • It's more precise and consistent
  • It can produce parts faster
  • It's less labor-intensive
  • It produces less waste

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