About MavTex

About MavTex

Mavtex Fabrication & Supply is an electrical/mechanical manufacturing & service organization specializing in custom built power and control systems, machining and fabrication.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best solutions for our customers' needs, while maintaining the highest level of quality. No matter the task, Maverick engineers will put their industry experience to work for your business. We are successful because we make it possible for our customers and clients to be successful.

History of MavTex

Maverick Technical Systems was incorporated in 1981. Mark Friend saw a need in the Oilfield drilling equipment industry and began remanufacturing railroad locomotive motors to make them suitable for drilling rig motors and sell them to the petroleum drilling industry. His background in custom switchgear, DC drives, engine/generator controls and AC and DC motor applications provided him with the expertise to provide top quality motors.

Although 1981 was a banner year for Maverick, 1982 was the year that brought the oil bust. The negative market changes and deficiency in demand left the company with a mountain of inventory and no work in sight. At that time, Maverick began designing and manufacturing electric propulsion systems for light rail vehicles for Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (Boston), Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (Philadelphia), and the City of Galveston.

Now MavTex has been in business for 40 years and is still growing.


Maverick Technical Systems opened for business as an electrical equipment supplier & servicer to the Oilfield Industry.


Expansion into rail propulsion, with design and manufacturing of inter-urban light rail vehicles.


Designed and built the complete electrical system, including propulsion and braking, for the Galveston, TX Trolley System. Trolleys began running in 1988.


Mark Friend (President/Owner) patents a temperature control system for air conditioning systems.


Maverick Technical Systems ventures into stamping & compression molding manufacturing. This segment is now the largest part of our manufacturing capabilities.


37 years in business and still growing.


Name change to MavTex Fabrication and Supply.